Get Involved

Spotlight Programs Board has many ways for students to get involved!
There are three different types of membership within Spotlight:

Spotlight produces many large-scale events and is always looking for students to help ensure that those events run well and are successful. It is simple to volunteer.

To volunteer for Spotlight:

  1. Fill out a short online Volunteer Application
  2. Attend a volunteer training.
  3. Attend a volunteer meeting and sign up for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Students who have questions should contact the membership chair or stop by the Spotlight office in Student Center East, Suite 316.

Spotlight has nine different committees. Committees are a great way to be more involved in Spotlight, since they meet regularly throughout the year, depending on upcoming events or assignments. Because committee members are expected to commit more time and effort than volunteers, an individual is only allowed to be on one committee per academic year.

The application process takes place each semester. In the fall semester, students are able to learn more about each committee, the committee’s director and how to get in involved at the annual meet and greet.

Spotlight Committee Interest Forms are available on Panthers Involvement Network (PIN).

Committee Event Lead Applications are available in April 2018.

In addition to participating as a volunteer or committee member, students can participate in Spotlight by becoming a member of the executive board that includes an executive director (president), associate director (vice president) and nine committee chairs.

Executive board members work with committee members and advisors to choose events to plan and implement. They also negotiate with agents, reserve venues, coordinate event logistics, create budgets and carry out events. The current application is available online each spring semester.

Executive positions are paid a monthly stipend of $400 during fall, spring and summer for a time commitment of approximately 10 hours a week. Executive board members are expected to attend training and events in addition to planning events over the summer.

Applications are open now.
Executive and Associate Director 
Committee Chair

Executive Board Position Timeline

Early Spring Committee chair recruitment begins.
Mid Spring Committee chair offers made.
Incoming committee chairs shadow and attends training and events.
Summer Plan fall events.
Fall Plan spring events.
Recruit and maintain volunteer committee.
Execute fall events.
Spring Execute spring events.
Mentor incoming committee chairs.


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