Photo of art exhibit in Gallery Lounge

Gallery Lounge

The Student Center Gallery Lounge, on the third floor of Student Center East, is managed by Spotlight Programs Board and is a multi-use space of learning and cultural enrichment for the GSU community. It is a place for Georgia State University students, faculty, and staff to display their works of art, gain experience with setting up an exhibit, and study. The primary goal of the Gallery Lounge exhibitions is to provide Georgia State students with a space to display their pieces of art. This space serves as an area of visual interest within the Student Center and is educational for visitors as they will be exposed to various forms of art.

Admission is free to all members of the campus community.

To apply for use of the exhibit space or to be a part of a monthly themed exhibit by the Student Center, a form is being developed on PIN and the link will be available here.

For more information, call the Spotlight office at 404-413-1610.

The Gallery Lounge hours are consistent with the regular hours of the Student Center. Note: Hours may change without notice and vary during break and holiday periods.