Spotlight Programs Board (SPB) is a university-sponsored, student-driven department that is dedicated to providing quality programs at little or no cost for Georgia State students. Made up of nine committees, the board hires students every year to plan events according to the defined goal of each committee. Volunteers are an integral part in the success of the program board by providing support in the planning process. In addition, volunteers can attend the events free of charge.
Based on the recommendations of current Georgia State students, events are planned, promoted and implemented by volunteers and committee directors. Events include the annual Pantherpalooza Spring Concert and Homecoming events, monthly Panther Prowls, weekly screenings of newly released films in the Cinefest Theater, comedians and special events including Blue at the Zoo and Haunted House.

  • PantherPalooza Spring Concert ft. Trey Songz, Kendrick Lamar, Panic at the Disco and B.O.B.
  • Georgia State University Night at Six Flags
  • Blue at the Zoo: Night at Zoo Atlanta
  • Panther Prowls
  • Homecoming Week
  • Spring Fling Week
  • Greek Showcase
  • Panthers on Ice
  • Comedy Shows
  • Distinguished Speaker Series
  • Panther Nation Spirited Events
  • Panthers at Woodruff Arts Center

Directors work with their committee members and advisor to choose an event they would like to plan and implement. Student committees meet with agents, reserve venues, meet regularly about event logistics, create budgets, promote events and carry out events. Depending on how much a committee member wants to get involved, they can be involved in every step of the planning process.
The program board consists of seven committees that each plan events under the advisement of 14 student directors and two full-time advisors as well as two more committees (Marketing and Membership) that assist the entire board. Spotlight Program Board also oversees the operations of the Cinefest Movie Theater and plans unique events for the movie theater venue.
Spotlight receives its funding from student fees that are collected as part of the funding for the Student Center. The funds are designated for programming that meets the diverse needs of the university community.
Depending on the type of event, attendance can range from several thousand students for concert events or several hundred students at weekly film showings. The goal is to provide relevant programming at little or no cost, making attendance a key indicator of success for any given event.
Students can begin getting involved by volunteering on one of the nine committees that make up the program board. Committee members will help out in every stage of the event planning process, from brainstorming event ideas to actually implementing them. No experience in event planning is necessary, but students should be interested in providing their fellow students with quality programming.

At the beginning of spring semester, recruitment for committee directors and committee members begins. There is a required time commitment of approximately 10 hours a week.

If 10 hours a week seems like a large commitment, students can serve as volunteers. Volunteers assist with logistics on the day of the event and are an integral part of the event's success.

Being a part of the Spotlight Programs Board, either as a committee member or director, helps build many skills such as budgeting, managing a group of individuals and coordinating various tasks to plan an event. Additionally, directors receive a stipend for their efforts.