Spotlight Programs Board Member Recognized by NACA

Posted On December 3, 2018
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At this year’s NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) South Regional Conference from October 27-30, 2018, Spotlight Programs Board had the pleasure of representing Georgia State University amongst other outstanding programming boards within the southern region. The South Conference is made up of programming boards in Virginia (south of metro Washington, DC), North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and the US and British Virgin Islands. Every year, NACA invites programming boards along with their advisors to learn, connect, and just have fun together while working to bring amazing ideas and events to their respective campuses.

Over the years, Spotlight has received multiple awards from NACA including the Board of Excellence, Best Promotional Item, Social Media, and Best Multicultural Program to name a few. This year, Cydni Adams, the associate director of the Spotlight Programs Board won the 2018 Outstanding Student Leader of the Year award. Yabsera Demisse, student affairs advisor II for Spotlight spoke highly of Cydni saying, “Her staff has seen her continuously display her flexibility, responsibility, and dedication to the pursuit of excellence in all that she aspires to do”.

Spotlight Programs Board is a university-sponsored, student-driven organization. Spotlight previously witnessed outstanding growth and initiative taken by Cydni in her prior role as the 2017-2018 panthers after dark chair. As the Panthers after dark chair, Cydni was responsible for programming unique, interactive and fun events that typically occurred once a month. All events promoted were alcohol-free programs that helped create a healthy alternative to the Atlanta bar scene. This tackled the underage drinking issues most college campuses face and targeted students who would otherwise leave campus on the weekend. Cydni has been at the helm and done an amazing job planning and executing these events. Many students knew her dedication and maturity first-hand. She exemplified the caliber of a student who constantly strives for ways to grow academically and professionally and ultimately represents the type of person who would win this award. These are the many reasons why Cydni Adams was honored with this amazing recognition. “As the current associate director of Spotlight Programs Board, we hope to see her excel this year as she continues to work hard and make sure that new heights are reached”, adds Yabi Demissie Congratulations Cydni!