Guidelines for Collaboration

Before you apply for a collaboration, ask yourself:

  • Does your event cater to the entire Georgia State student population?
  • Does your event support the mission statement and purpose of the Spotlight Programs Board?
  • Is your event non-philanthropic? (Meaning your event does not require donations, and no profits from the event are used for donations.)
  • Will your event be open and advertised to all Georgia State students and for the major benefit of the Georgia State community?
  • Are you a Georgia State University recognized student organization?

If you answered YES to all of the above, you are eligible for co-sponsorship!
If not, you will have to contact our president at Spotlight to determine your eligibility.

Download the Collaboration Events Policy and Application

For your organization to collaborate with Spotlight, your organization must do the following before your event:

  1. Submit a collaboration application form with a detailed itemized budget budget a minimum of 28 days prior to the day of the event (or the fourth board meeting before the event, whichever is longer).
  2. Present your proposal to the Spotlight Programs Board.

Someone from your organization must give a short (no longer than three minutes, excluding questions) presentation to the board at an executive board meeting. The presentation can be given at any board meeting following the submission of completed form. Following the conclusion of your presentation and questioning, you will be asked to leave while the board discusses and votes on the co-sponsorship.
You will be notified the status of your co-sponsorship by our vice president within 24 hours after your presentation.
Yes. After the event, you will be required to complete an event evaluation form and return it to the vice president within 10 days after your event.
No, Spotlight Programs Board retains the right to deny events that fulfill all the previously mentioned requirements.

  • Projected budget must be itemized.
  • There shall be a limit of $20 per expected person (i.e., if 50 people are expected, then $1,000 is the maximum that can be granted).
  • The Spotlight Programs Board shall not contribute 60% or greater of the event's total cost.
  • All funds resulting from collaboration with the Spotlight Programs Board and ticket sales must be put toward event costs. If there is a surplus of funds on the specific event, the excess amount of the allocated money shall be returned to the Spotlight Programs Board.